In 2018, GAS Foundation in its infancy stage, developed a Strategic Plan with 4 strategic pillars which were identified in relation to liberating domains of agriculture, Health, Environment, Energy, Poverty Eradication and Education that ultimately contribute to the 17 Sustainable Development Goals. The objectives of this strategic plan have been formulated around these strategic pillars. The strategic objectives include:

    Ms. Ayebaza Sandrah, Executive Director

  • To improve agriculture, Health, Environment, Energy, Poverty Eradication and Education systems productivity and quality and scale them to a national level in a move towards zero poverty and unavoidable deaths.
  • To strengthen infrastructure development that improve access to inputs, information, financial services and affordable equipment.
  • To strengthen GAS Foundation’s long-term institutional capacity to participate in the development of high-quality agriculture, Health, Environment, Energy, Poverty Eradication and Education systems.
  • To empower communities in reducing the current environmental degradation and water shortage through sustainable utilization of land resources and waste disposal management.
  • To improve and supplement on the body of knowledge and best practices in the social development sector through undertaking operational and scientific research.

Our Goal

To propose, engage and conduct actual deployment of liberating systems for use in a variety of sectors incl. agriculture, Health, Environment, Energy, Poverty Eradication and Education, in Uganda and in the region for effective and holistic realization of the UN SDGs.

Mission Statement

To actively engage communities to participate in innovative, robust sustainable solutions in collaboration with the public and private sectors, and development partners.

Our Vision

To lead the improvement of service delivery reaching the communities of need across agriculture, Health, Environment, Energy, Poverty Eradication and Education sectors through life changing ICTs and emerging technologies in Uganda and the region.

Find Our Amazing Programs

STEM & EducationAI

    We are building open source AI and data driven platforms and models to help schools and education stakeholders extract insights from education and schools’ information. We support the students with data driven carrier guidance and personalized learning experience with our EduAI models. Support us Build SOmAI, the next generation Education, Schools Information Management and Natural Language processing framework for Africa. Are you interested education AI, Building Coversation ChatBots for Education, Building Inventory optimisation algorithms for Education, Deriving Insights from Education Data, please connect with us at gasfoundation096@gmail.com


GAS Foundation's STEM for Kids Inspires the Young generation to be creators, thinkers, problem solvers and doers.


GAS Foundation's STEM for Schools develops creators, thinkers, problem solvers, doers, innovators, and inventors.


It is not too late for you to become a STEM expert, \we help you at any stage become a problem solver, innovator, and inventor.


3DBTK is a low-cost toolkit that contains 3D-printed educational biology models that enable proper comprehension of Biology and STEM among primary, secondary and university students.


    Teaching Biology and Science in Uganda has remained theory and a very difficult endeavor in the education system due to the unavailability of models like for the human skeleton, cells, animals, plants and equipment like simple microscopes which are crucial in understanding biology and science concepts. It is even worse in refugee settlements where schools lack access to the basic lab equipment. The common approach of using visual 2D chats is not comprehendible and concepts are easily forgotten by students.

Our Solution

We have developed a portable toolkit consisting of 3D printed models to facilitate the delivery of these core biology concepts. The (1ft x 2ft x 0.5ft) lockable metallic toolkit consists of 4 sections; (i) Human Skeleton consisting of 3D printed bones including femur, scapula, tibia, teeth, & 3D printed exoskeleton arm and leg for locomotion demonstrations, (ii) Microscopy consisting of a 3D printed microscope with almost every part 3D printable with the exception of the lenses obtained from disposable cameras, (iii) Scientific classification consisting of the Animals and Plants species. This section consists of 3D printed animal & plant cells; and a few 3D printed animals and plants with clear illustration of the major levels of science classification.

The Kit allows mobility so students can practice from Home as opposed to Physical Labs, it is modular kit so one can BUY only 1 of the 3 modules, it is easy to clean, locally produced, and offers an opportunity for demonstration off school and self-learning at home; and also access to the models via the 3DBTK digital portal; and 3DBTK viewer for those with access to internet; or a computer including our raspberry pie computer with the 3DBTK viewer.


    At GAS Foundation with our partners, we are supporting health care facilities advance patient information management with state of art AI driven platforms. We also empower front line health care workers, researchers and the youth with AI skills for future medicine. Our aim is set level grounds for the 4IR among the grassroot community members.

Women Empowerment

    At GAS foundation, we believe in the strength of a woman hence we have several community-based initiatives for women empowerment; and these include:

    • Provision of Women SACCO savings scheme Digital platform
    • Empowering women in SMEs with digital skills
    • Linking women farmers to buyers

Youth Empowerment

    With Uganda having the world's youngest population with over 78 percent of its population below the age of 30; and with just under eight million youth aged 15-30, the country also has one of the highest youth unemployment rates in Sub-Saharan Africa. Changing this story; is NOT necessarily, only the Government’s responsibility, but all the community has a role. At GAS foundation, we have established initiatives supporting the youth including:

    • Organizing the youth employed in informal sectors like washing bays, street road mechanics into organized societies equipped with digital tools and trainings.
    • Providing technical trainings especially programming and business management practical skills to fresh graduates
    • Digital Skills for Teachers.We support teachers with digital skills to support teaching and learning. The digital teacher program covers the following areas:Pedagogy, Computer skills, Teaching digital tools.

    Digital Skills for Teachers

    We support teachers with digital skills to support teaching and learning. The digital teacher program covers the following areas:

    • Pedagogy
    • Computer skills
    • Teaching digital tools

    Digital Skills for SMEs

    Digital skills range from basic usage skills that enable people to participate in the digital society and consume digital goods and services, to advanced skills that empower the workforce to develop new digital goods and services We provide trainings for local government workers, business directors, etc

Accelerating innovations

At GAS foundation Innovations Hub, we introduce interested members to the Design Thinking Principles; to empower them solve community challenges through the following steps:

    • Emphasize. We help you Gather High-Quality Consumer Understanding; so that you can develop for the actual client and solve the actual community problem.
    • Define. At GAS foundation, we help you Create a Brilliant Design Brief for All Stakeholders as per the emphasize step. This stage is about clarity, focus and definition.
    • Ideate. Now with a deep understanding of the customer and a focused, well-articulated challenge to solve, we help you to start developing potential solutions. Our focus is on solving community challenges together, hence GAS foundation acts a bridge between challenge (community challenge) and the solution (innovators).
    • Prototype. With our design station, we support you through the experimentation: transforming ideas into tangible “artifacts.
    • Test. Finally, we help you Get Fast, Productive Feedback from Human Beings.
    • Empowerments. GAS is a non-government organization with a limited budget, but determined to solve societal challenges. Once you have a promising prototype, GAS foundation can provide a seed grant or connect you to potential funders, technical partners or clients to scale your innovation.

Health Awareness Campaigns

    GAS Foundation aims to be the leading community partner provider of health awareness campaigns in Uganda. We archive this through social media toolkits, community-based awareness programs; and fliers with special focus on prostate cancer, cervical cancer and benefits of immunizations and vaccinations.

Local productions local solutions

    We prepare the community to respond to infectious outbreaks, disasters and other community outbreaks through local production. We empower DIY skills to the community members and these include;

    • D printing skills
    • Computer Aided Design skills
    • Creative thinking

Some Of Our Nice Projects

Please review some of our recent projects and community engagement initiatives.

STEM4Kids Training

GAS Foundation has participated in running STEM4Kids programs in a number of schools including Mbarara Preparatory School, Mbarara; and also organizes scheduled kids STEM activities at the Innovation Hub.

Distribution of PPEs

GAS foundation distributed over 20,000 PPES (locally manufactured face shields) to front line health care workers, petrol station attendants, market dwellers and refuges settlements.

Making Schools Data Talk

GAS foundation has supported over 5 schools implement schools information management systems ideal for resource constrained areas.

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We currently do not have pending demands for recruitment. But keep checking on us for any updates OR follow us on our social media points.


The Covid-19 pandemic has drew us to think of fresh recruitment to fill our volunteer positions. Interested in volunteering in any departments (administration, field work, etc)? E-mail: gasfoundation096@gmail.com.

Sub grants

Due to our partners experiencing lock down, we do not have any open positions for grants. But keep checking on us for any updates OR follow us on our social media points OR Try visiting other philanthropist sites including fundsforngos.org for more funding opportunities.



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